Buying a property?

Disclosure: Buyers and Seller are usually represented by the same real estate agent in a Maui Lea timeshare purchase and re-sale. Both parties must agree to a dual agency agreement prior to negotiating pricing and terms.

Right of recission: Any purchaser of timeshare has a seven (7) day right of rescission from the date of purchase.

Maintenance fees
Size Annual Size Christmas
1B $988 1B $1,692
2B $1,104 2B $1,892
3B $1,244 3B $2,132

What to expect after your offer has been accepted by the seller. Once we have an agreement on the price and terms of your purchase you will be required to provide your agent with who will be on title with you. We cannot advise you how to take title. We can however give you your options: Should you decide to place your timeshare into a trust, you will need to provide the escrow company a copy of your trust agreement. A minimum deposit of $1,000.00 (US dollars) will be required to open escrow. A simple purchase agreement will be drawn up for signatures of all parties involved.

Once the fully executed purchase contract and the opening deposit have been received by your agent, we will open escrow with First American Vacation Ownership Title and Escrow Service, Inc.

You will receive copies of all documents signed for your records.

Your agent will periodically follow up with the escrow office, the buyers and sellers, to make sure everything is moving along and that the closing date for your purchase is met.

Once you are the owner on record, you will have full use and may start enjoying your timeshare. The Resort offers a website assisting owners with how to best to utilize www.mauilea.com. Here, they may also catch up on newsletters and view the current budget.

If at any time you need assistance we are always here to help.

Buyers frequently asked questions.

Q: Why should I buy from Lea Properties, Ltd?
A: Our licensed agents and brokers have all been connected with the Maui Hill Resort for over 20 years. Their experience and knowledge of the property, market and accommodation is second to none. There are no high pressure tactics and they will lead you safely and comfortably through your purchase process.

Q: Maui Lea at Maui Hill is a 'leasehold' property, what does this mean exactly?
A: The Maui Hill Resort sits on 12.25 acres of leasehold land owned by Hill Enterprises. The term of this lease expires on November 20th, 2064.

Q: Does Lea Properties, Ltd offer financing?
A: No we do not.

Q: Are there any hidden costs in purchasing a timeshare I should know about?
A: No. The costs involved are the purchase price plus the closing costs and transfer fees to convey the ownership to you. These run approximately $1,350 per sale and are normally shared evenly between the buyer and the seller. However, each sale is different and the term is not always equal. Once you are the new owner, there are ongoing annual maintenance fees which are billed quarterly.

Q: How long does it take for me to becomes the new owner?
A: Once in escrow, most sales close in 30-60 days.

Q: What does 'fixed time' mean?
A: When you purchase a timeshare at The Maui Lea at Maui Hill you buy a specific unit number and a fixed week of time. That date range and condo number are what you hold deed and title to and remain the same for the entirety of your ownership. In order to move the date or location of your 'fixed time' you must use the services of an exchange company such as RCI or Trading Places Maui.

Disclosure: Buyers and Seller are usually represented by the same real estate agent in a Maui Lea timeshare purchase and resale. Both parties must agree to a dual agency agreement prior to negotiating pricing and terms. Any purchaser of timeshare has a seven (7) day right of rescission from the date of purchase.

Below is list of what is currently offered for Resale. Feel free to place an offer!

77-B 2 JAN 09-16 STARK 6500 Click here
129-C 2 JAN 17-24 LEE 7800 Click here
75-D 2 JAN 23-30 TRUESDALE 5000 Click here
119-E 1 JAN 31-07 ALLSUP 5500 Click here
131-K 1 MAR 14-21 CROUCH 5500 Click here
105-K 2 MAR 14-21 BREWER TRUST 6900 Click here
74-L 1 MAR 20-27 FUIMANO 5000 Click here
119-L 1 MAR 21-28 ANDERSON 6500 Click here
54-N 2 APR 04-11 HEBERT 6500 Click here
139-N 2 APR 03-10 JOHNSON 3250 Click here
53-O 2 APR 11-18 HEBERT 6000 Click here
25-O 2 APR 11-18 LENHART 7500 Click here
108-O 1 APR 11-18 JACOBS 6000 Click here
108-P 1 APR 18-25 COLEMAN TRUST 5000 Click here
129-Q 2 APR 25-02 BENZENHOEFER 3200 Click here
90-R 2 MAY 02-09 ELROD 4000 Click here
118-T 3 MAY 13-20 SNUGGERUD 13000 Click here
98-U 1 MAY 21-28 PETERSEN 4800 Click here
53-U 2 MAY 21-28 WEBB 4000 Click here
118-U 3 MAY 20-27 SNUGGERUD 13000 Click here
118-V 3 MAY 27-03 SNUGGERUD 13000 Click here
28-W 1 JUN 03-10 HANSON & MARTINEZ 5000 Click here
18-W 1 JUN 03-10 PERL 5000 Click here
28-X 1 JUN 10-17 HANSON & MARTINEZ 5000 Click here
18-X 1 JUN 10-17 PERL 5000 Click here
118-X 3 JUN 10-17 HOLBROOK TRUST 11500 Click here
43-X 2 JUN 11-18 SQUIRES 6500 Click here
134-X 1 JUN 11-18 LOHMEIER 3000 Click here
131-Y 1 JUN 18-25 CROUCH 5500 Click here
78-Y 2 JUN 18-25 BIERS 5000 Click here
78-Z 2 JUN 25-02 BIERS 5000 Click here
74-AA 1 JUL 01-08 SAMSON 5000 Click here
78-AA 2 JUL 02-09 THEURER 3300 Click here
108-AA 1 JUL 02-09 BUNDY 5000 Click here
74-BB 1 JUL 08-15 FOIGELMAN 2500 Click here
108-BB 1 JUL 09-16 BUNDY 5000 Click here
86-CC 1 JUL 15-22 BINKLEY 4000 Click here
46-DD 3 JUL 23-30 MILLER 8700 Click here
74-DD 1 JUL 22-29 ORR 6500 Click here
134-DD 1 JUL 23-30 HAZZARD TRUST 2500 Click here
13-DD 2 JUL 23-30 BIERS 8000 Click here
51-EE 1 JULY 30-06 WARSINSKI 2400 Click here
60-EE 2 JULY 30-06 YEWMAN 6500 Click here
83-FF 1 AUG 06-13 FITTIPALDI 4000 Click here
45-HH 2 AUG 20-27 KRAAI 7000 Click here
61-HH 2 AUG 20-27 LEMON 5000 Click here
29-II 1 AUG 27-03 STIRLING 5500 Click here
46-JJ 3 SEP 03-10 LARA & GUTKNECHT 7500 Click here
43-JJ 2 SEP 03-10 WEDDLE 6500 Click here
140-JJ 2 SEP 03-10 BIERS 6500 Click here
75-KK 2 SEP 09-16 VAN HOUTEN 6000 Click here
110-LL 1 SEPT 17-24 SAVAGE TRUST 6500 Click here
139-LL 2 SEP 16-23 VENABLES 3500 Click here
74-MM 1 SEP 23-30 JEWETT TRUST 4000 Click here
50-PP 1 OCT 15-22 JEWETT TRUST 5000 Click here
139-RR 2 OCT 26-02 GRAHAM 7000 Click here
83-SS 1 NOV 03-10 BARIS 3899 Click here
29-TT 1 NOV 10-17 PICARDO 4500 Click here
57-TT 2 NOV 10-17 MARIETTA 6750 Click here
18-UU 1 NOV 16-23 BODE 3500 Click here
29-VV 1 NOV 24-01 WARD 3500 Click here
39-VV 1 NOV 24-01 COLEMAN 4900 Click here
131-WW 1 DEC 01-08 COLLYER 3400 Click here
46-WW 3 DEC 01-08 KRAAI 8200 Click here
108-WW 1 DEC 01-08 ZAAR 4000 Click here
15-XX 1 DEC 08-15 COLLYER 3400 Click here
83-YY 1 DEC 14-21 SWARTZON 4200 Click here